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About Ewan


As a child I was brought up in a Christian home with regular attendance in a local Baptist Church and Sunday School. During this period there was a Sunday School parents evening where the film Treasures of the snow was shown. Later that evening I submitted my life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

In the years following this event I progressed through Sunday School and Bible Class learning about Scripture. It wasn't until listening to the teaching of Ray Comfort (& Kirk Cameron) that I realised the radical extent of my depravity in relation to His law (the Ten Commandments). This realisation in the need for repentance, along with faith in Jesus Christ's amazing grace and mercy (through His sinless life, conquering of death on the cross and resurrection to eternal life) mean't that I wouldn't receive eternal justice in Hell.

Career History

After leaving school at Portobello High I gained my Ordinary National Diploma in Building at Telford College, then completed my studies of the built environment to Higher National Diploma level at Glasgow College of Building and Printing. Upon graduating, I worked as an Architectural Technologist within the architectural profession originally with the large Edinburgh architects practice of Percy Johnston-Marshall & Partners (now JM Architects) working within the Asda new build team and also as part of the I.T. Co-ordinator office network. Following redundancy, I found brief employment with another Edinburgh architects (Lewis & Hickey).

After redundancy, a second time, I qualified as a Microsoft Cerified Professional in Windows NT4 Workstation & Server and also studied at Net Resources Ltd to develop my knowledge of HTML & web design. I am continuing to develop this skill through development of local business and non-profit organisations websites. Completion of my Microsoft MCP, helped me become the part-time I.T. Support for Bethany Christian Trust. At the same time I began working in the family business of Wm. Sinclair & Son developing my knowledge of the Highland Bagpipe making craft which I am now a full-time partner along with my Father. Alongside this work I am also a relief organist for Edinburgh Crematorium (Seafield & Warriston) and occassionally am called on to provide organist cover for local funerals.

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